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Unique Hand Gloves Manufacturer – Production Company

Our industry-leading experts and skilled manufacturing team are experts when it comes to delivering the Cotton knitted Gloves to our customers. We have a large number of suppliers in India and we are looking to expand in the United States.

We help to keep the safety of the workers, as they use our gloves which are available at a price that is competitive. We can help you with any kind of PPE requirement by our client. We are manufactures of Cotton knitted Hand gloves and traders to all other safety products. We have almost 50 machines that produce 15,000 gloves per day. We have access to another 50 machines with our partner company who manufactures these gloves.

At Unique we can give the kind of expertise from the gloves that are the best fit for the company all the way to personalized services. We focus more on the quality of these products as it is our companies’ main criteria when it comes to safety products.

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Unique Hand Gloves LLC – Trading Company (Supplier)

We are also into the trading business as we are traders to other safety PPE products. We have established buyers all over India and we buy the products from the manufactures directly and we make sure that the product is of the best quality make sure that the product matches the specifics of our clients. 

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Anam Exports – Sister Company for International Exports

Anam Export is our sister company that looks after the exports of our Cotton knitted gloves and other safety gloves that we export to most of the Middle Eastern countries and parts of Australia. Our aim is to expand the export business to the United States. Anam Export is mainly exporting in Asian countries and willing to expand our horizon to other continents like North American and European countries. 

We also have a huge export business of transporting heavy-duty machinery and other construction-related equipment to the Middle East. Our exporting and importing business is been running for the 5-10 years and we have our experts with our client helping them out to get their products delivered to them at the earliest an in the most cost-effective way.

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