Choosing the Right Gloves

According to OH&S, hand accidents account from between forty to sixty p.c of recordable work incidents. choosing a combine of gloves to figure goes on the far side finding the correct match and type.
Different types of labor safety gloves provide differing kinds of hand protection. instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, there area unit sure gloves you’ll wish to use for specific jobs.

How are you able to tell if you’re exploitation the correct glove for your work? This guide covers nine different kinds of labor safety gloves and once they ought to be used.


This is the foremost common variety of gloves for general work or comes wherever a high level of protection isn’t required. These gloves provide a skinny, light-weight material covering that provides very little safety to the user. They’re principally accustomed forestall minor scrapes or splinters, tho’ do nothing to forestall punctures, burns, or cuts.


A step higher than non-coated material gloves, these gloves offer a bit additional protection against punctures, cuts, and chemicals. Nitrile, PVC, and polymer area unit common sorts of coatings, however, the particular coating you wish depends on the task itself.

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